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" The coffin... Cover cover. " I said, to the gap climbed past his coffin, don't people when not properly make root length in? I think, think it is not, may be fine roots to be long into the coffin lid under constant after the long rough, will cover up, these roots lead in all directions, you might have filled this coffin, surface layer is so hard, we have these guys may be cut, nor know that God knows how long can dig out. I climbed into the slit edge, with a probe light to illuminate inside, which seems to be empty, a gray, light seem to absorb anything like what, as does not come out.

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The sheriff? " Asked. Yin static head.
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He turned the multifunctional pick back to my own, then ran forward, probably eager to have a look that what, I open the head headlight, learn his looks climbed the steep cliff, a hanging multifunctional pick, another of his roots forward, these things do not know how much growth years, feels it is a hard stone, abnormal, not like life. Above the lines are like animal scales, if looks almost certain, that is what the fossils.
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King boss still no response, he would like to quietly for a while, pulled out a cigarette, she took a breath, and then drew from his pocket has small sticks, roll two, there will be bright fluorescent shake.

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The tomb was a regular square shape, roof, surrounded by simple relief, the small, not too high, the tomb of the water to his waist, burial goods should be under water. But a pool of water, can not see what is the following.
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The old itch glanced at me, asked: " you ... ... Do you really know ... ... Know, is not known, the woman has a problem. "

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I began to sweat, a hand pulled a long handle knife, creeping to the gap near to listen to clear, but my heart it louder, and climb to the gap on the edge of death when the heartbeat just from my throat to jump out of.
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After the process, and we have basically the same, as to how they through numerous organs Road, found within the pool ladder, and then down to the bottom of the pool, although also very bizarre twists and turns, but not need of narrative focus, Zhang Qiling tells the time is also a sentence with the past, the most critical things, or they got down to the water mist wreathed in the bottom of the pool, see the wordless stela later.
I heard his words, clench one's teeth, hands and feet, finally caught a swing to the opposite side of roots, and then found his torch go after him, saw that he had around the plank road on the three layer, was holding a telescope, see copper tree where, I asked him to look look to where, due to the angle of change, it can see something wrapped in a root, but what is the specific, still very fuzzy.
According to him, in this text, it is without rhyme or reason. Can't write in this place, the material must have its purposes, the owner of the tomb put these things in here, must have had reason to do so.

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I also consider to cheat in the king boss, here to subdue him, has now changed his mind, thinking whether temporarily withdrew from the well, the place of evil lies, stay a long time really makes people uncomfortable, it is one of the reasons, if there are two or three people in my side, should be able to calm a lot.

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King boss will belt bolt back to his waist, said: " this is me wrong. As you know, we run all corners of the country, a few do not mind, "he pointed to his face to call my swollen piece, " son, you start is not light, this time we are even, personal, go out anymore. How 's it going.

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To my character, even if the experience again many, also not likely at this time, there is the idea of a coffin, and the coffin cover thousands of pounds, I can not carry. So probably looked after, I felt a chill from around through to come over, had to turn to, try to make myself not to think of strange and eccentric.
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Several other men in this one man, not by chuckles, want to see Zhang Qiling's jokes.

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